Thursday, 31 March 2011

Is the truth "out there"?

Is there life after death? Does God Exist? Does life have a purpose? All these "big questions" are being continually asked to this day and I think we often assume that it is down to us to discover new answers to these questions as though answers to these questions have never been found by those who came before us.

But what if the truth is already "out there" and has been for quite some time? The more I read and research these topics and read the OLD books- literature from a hundred years ago or more, the more I realise that the same philosophical and scientific debates have been whirling around for much longer than most people realise. And conclusions to those debates have already been reached many, many times before.
We may think what we say , read or "discover" today - whether skeptical or believer- when researching these topics are new things, but they are not, they are merely a rehash of old.

I think it is comforting to know that the evidence both in favour and against the existence of an afterlife and god are already out there- the debates have already happened countless times, and the conclusions are there to be seen by anyone with a truly open mind. Even if you had been born in the early 1900's or the 1800's, even then- you had your mediums claming to contact the dead and your paranormal phenomena, your skeptics and your materialists, the fakes and the hoaxers. It was all there, just like it is today. The evidence for and against the afterlife has been around for a VERY long time.

Are skeptics always the honest guys?
One big assumption I made and I think a lot of other people probably make is to completely assume that the "skeptics" are the honest guys. They are the ones trying to uncover those faking the paranormal phenomena.
To be honest though, the truth is that closed minded skeptics are just as capable of going to great lengths to rig things, set things up and create elaborate conditions which make all things paranormal look ridiculous and false as you do the people who go to great lengths to fake paranormal phenomena.

With so many voices shouting very loudly that they have the truth, it can drown the truth out almost completely. If you want to find the truth, your task is to opperate with a truly open mind, to wade through the bias and deciet on BOTH sides of the argument and find the plain, hard facts. Then accept them.

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