Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What happens to the soul when we sleep??

If we have a "soul" then where does it go every single night when we go to sleep? Sure, we dream for a while, but what about those times during the night when time passes by and we are unaware of things?
I've read a number of crazy theories, such as the idea that our soul goes onto travel in other dimensions while we sleep. My objection to this idea is that if we are our soul, then why don't we remember any of this? Why don't WE experience it?

The skeptical side of me feels that it seems illogical that if indeed we have a soul that can opperate and function independently of the physical brain and body then why should it ever need to "rest"? Surely being unconscious at all should be impossible if we have an immortal soul?

The only other explanation could indeed be that souls do actually sleep! I guess it could be possible. Our brain or mind doesn't totally stop functioning during sleep, otherwise we would be dead. Our thought vibrations simply change.

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